Wolf Bane See Arnica to Order



AKA: Wolfsbane, Leopards Bane, Mountain Tobacco, Wolfs Eye, Fall Herb, Well Bestow, Prick Herb, Wound Herb, Snuff Plant, Mountain Daisy, Thunder Wort, Montana Tobacco, St Johns Strength, Bilmes Herb, Strength Wort
Leopoards Bane ~ Monks Hood

Feminine ~ Saturn ~ Water

Europeans used to protect against both real wolves & were-wolves.

For protection against spells & hexes and to banish or exorsise dark forces.

To become invisible or shape shift.

CAUTION NOTE: This herb should not be taken internally! 

Avoid prolong contact with the skin as it may cause irritation!

Do Not Burn this herb or use as a smudge.
Not for internal use or to be rubbed on the skin.



Wolf Bane See Arnica to Order
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