Witch Hazel Bark

AKA: Spotted Alder, Wood Tobacco, Pistachio

Medicinal Witch Hazel:

Astringent ~ Anti-Inflammatory ~ Coagulant

An important herb to Native American Peoples

It's uses include it as an antiseptic wound healer, to soothe insect bites, to ease muscle & bone pains, for bruising and to stop bleeding both internally & externally.


The women used it to prevent miscarriage and for menstrual pain or excessive bleeding.


It is also a good remedy for burns, boils and hemorrhoids. It is a good face and skin wash with drying abilities for acne and pimples and may help to smooth wrinkles.


Skin wash, liniment or poultice for cooling the skin, relieving itch of poison ivy, pains, sprains, sunburn and insect bites.


Tea for both internal & external bleeding, & the weakining pain of diarrhea, hemorrhoids, vaginitis, tuberculosis & painful tumors.


Mouth wash for bleeding gums, mouth & throat sores.

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  • Botanical: Hamamelis virginiana
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
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Witch Hazel Bark
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