Wild Yam Root

AKA: Colic Root, China Root, Devil’s Bones


 Medicinal Wild Yam:

Antispasmodic ~ Diuretic ~ Anti-Inflammatory

Contains; Steroidal Saponins ~ Alkaloids ~ Tannins


Native Americans used it to ease the pains of childbirth.


Modern herbalists use this root for a variety of issues but most commonly for women.


It is helpful for painful menstruation, childbirth and ovarian pain.


It helps to balance female hormones and is often combined with Black Cohosh.


Salves and creams are used for post menopausal conditions resulting in dryness and tightness of the vagina.


It is a muscle relaxant, reduces inflammation and is a good herb to use to remove waste from the digestive tract.


It benefits the kidneys, gallbladder and liver and is effective for irritable bowels and diverticulitis.

  • Botanical: Dioscorea villosa
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Powder
Wild Yam Root
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