Sandalwood Powder

Medicinal Red Sandalwood:

Astringent ~ Anti-fungal ~ Diuretic

This herb is not generally considered to be a medicinal one although it has some beneficial properties.


Internally it has been used for inflammations, ulcers and diabetes.


Externally as a dressing for wounds and fungal skin infections or as an insect repellant.


The red color is easily extractable in alcohol and is used as a coloring agent in pharmaceutical tinctures as well as a cloth dye by those doing historically correct restorations or costumes.


Medicinal Yellow Sandalwood:

Tonic ~ Emollient ~ Sedative ~ Antiseptic ~ Aphrodisiac

The primary medicinal use of this herb is for bladder infections and inflammations including the prostate gland.


It has been used for bronchial conditions, gonorrhea and urethral discharges.


Externally to stop nose bleeds and soothe itches.


Aroma-therapists use it for tension and to focus the mind or bring chaotic thoughts under control.


Ritual Sandalwood:

Moon ~ Air

Protection ~ Purification ~ Healing

Burned as incense to open the highest spiritual centers of our being to allow the infinite divine to enter and work through us.


An especially good herb for healers whether they work with herbs, magic, spells or ritual.


Sacred items are passed through the smoke to cleanse after usage or to consecrate them before first use.


During meditation it is a good herb to burn to cleanse and protect the aura especially if the meditation takes one out of body.

Do Not take internally for those with cancer, AIDS or other serious degenerative diseases.

  • Form: Choice Yellow or Red
Sandalwood Powder
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