Nettle Leaf

AKA: Stinging Nettle, Grand Ortie

Analgesic ~ Antihistamine

Contains: Alkaloids, Chlorophyl, Histamine, Lecithin, Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid

Highly nutritious spring tonic, great for allergies, colds & flu.

Many ancient & modern herbalists use Nettles as a blood purifier to neutralize uric acid which causes gout and arthritis.  Consumed regularly it helps to lower blood pressure & reduces heart rate. 

Historically is was used to stop internal or external bleeding and today many women have found help with excessive menstrual bleeding.

Old timers ate it to help relieve asthma & alleviate congestion. Widely used as a cleanse for kidneys, stomach and internal organs it is believed to benefit the prostrate and to reverse baldness. 

Astringent gargle. Soothing wash for burns.  Hair wash for lice, dandruff & oily hair.  

Great in salads as a spinach substitute!  Safe & nutritious enough to eat every day.

During World War 2 when there were massive food shortages worls wide many people lived on nettles as a regular food.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.


Ritual Nettles


Mars ~ Fire

Breaks Hexes & Spells

This herb is commonly used both internally & externally to cleanse from negativity especially if it is believed that another person is actively trying to hex you.


A strong tea may be made to use internally and it can also be added to a bath.


Clothes and objects may also be cleansed in the bath water.

  • Botanical: Urtica diocia
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Cut & Sifted
Nettle Leaf
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