Neem Leaf Powder

Azadricata indica

AKA: Margosa, Bead Tree, Holy Tree, Indian Lilac, Nimba


Medicinal Neem:

Tonic ~ Alterative ~ Parasites

A superb herb for a general Detox of the entire system. Helps to remove toxins from the blood, cleans waste from the digestive tract and removes intestinal worms.

As a mouth wash it will disinfect sores, firm the gums and help prevent gum disease.

Oil extracts are found beneficial for treatment of leprosy and skin diseases like eczema and recent studies show promise for a natural contraceptive for men & women.

  • Botanical: Azadricata indica
  • Grow Method: Organic Food Grade
  • Form: Powder
Neem Leaf Powder
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