Mullein Herb

AKA: Hags Tapers, Torches, Clot, Feltwort, Doffle, Candlewick, Aarons Rod, Peters Staff, Lady Foxglove, Velvet Plant, Jupiters Staff, Shepherds Herb, Old Man Fennel, Flannel Plant, Blanket Leaf

A mild sedative and strong decongestant.

Often incorporated in smoking blends and teas to open and relax bronchial passages.  It has been used for asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and sore throat. 

Acts as an expectorant for lungs. 

Poultices are used to reduce swelling, soothe burns and draw out splinters by softening the skin. 

In oil form it is used for earaches. 

It has also been used as a yellow dye for clothing and hair.  Native to Europe and Africa it was brought to America in the 1700's.

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Ritual Mullein:

Saturn, Fire

Dreams ~ Visions ~ Nightmares


Consumed as a tea, burned as an incense, worn as an amulet.


A night time herb generally used before sleep or meditations.


For dreams it may be combined with Coltsfoot or Mugwort & either burned as an incense, smoked or consumed in a tea..


For Vision Quest it may be smoked with Calamus Root & for Nightmares a tea including Wild Opium & Catnip.



Smoking Mullein:

Mild Flavor


Smoked in blends to benefit the respiratory tract. Strong expectorant for lung congestion, bronchitis and other breathing challenges.


Blends well with: Angelica, Bear Root, Blackberry, Deer Tongue, Lobelia, Willow Bark, Sage & Yerba Santa.

  • Botanical: Verbascum thapus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Cut & Sifted
Mullein Herb
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