Lobelia Herb

AKA: Asthma Weed, Bladder Pod, Indian Tobacco, Wild Tobacco, Eyebright, Gagroot

Used widely for nicotine and alcohol withdrawal. 

Native Americans smoked It to relax the lungs and dilate the bronchioles for asthma and respitory ailments. 

It is also used as a tea for pneumonia, pleurisy and meningitis.  It stimulates the nerves in the central nervous system like nicotine and has been used as a nicotine substitue. 

Has also been used as an anti-spasmodic due to it's ability to relax the entire system.

Note: Both the FDA & the Mayo Clinic state that Lobelia has no benefit when used to quit smoking.

Caution: Large doses or fast consumption will cause vomiting.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.


Ritual Lobelia:

Inner Strength ~ Tranquility ~ Male Balance

Native Americans would powder the herb and throw it at violent storms to calm them.

Carrying the herb or ingesting it creates inner calm for rational thought during times of crisis.

This is important for the male aspect of life that is always ready to do battle when sometimes a more gentle approach is called for.


Smoking Lobelia:

Strong Bold Taste

Better flavor if combined with sweeter herbs. Combine with: Chamomile, Deer Tongue or Lemon Balm for a mild sedative; with Angelica, Basil or Mullein for chest congestion or with Basil & Passion Flower for depression.

Lobelia should be no more than a 1/4 of the total blend.

  • Botanical: Lobelia inflata
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Cut & Sifted
Lobelia Herb
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