Jasmine Flower

AKA: Moonlight on the Grove, Poets Jessamine


Medicinal Jasmine:

Aphrodisiac ~ Sedative

This an herb used mainly in aromatherapy to excite the sexual centers and to calm nerves.


It has been used as a cough syrup and to ease spasms of the lungs.


Internal applications are considered to be good for parasites, regulating menstrual flow and cleansing the kidneys of waste.


Chinese herbalists also prescribe it for headaches, insomnia and nightmares.


Ayurvedic practices often use it for sunstroke, dermatitis and cancers of the Lymphatic system, bones and breast.


Externally it was used for snakebite, to rinse sore eyes and to cleanse wounds along with beautifying the skin.


Ritual Jasmine:

Jupiter & Earth Energies

Love ~ Prosperity

Commonly used in sachets or simmered in water or oil to release its scent. 

It is a sexual stimulant especially for women and is said to attract a new love. 

The love can be a physical one or a spiritual one or the love of an idea that needs to be manifested in the mundane world. 

Taken as a tea before bed will promote psychic dreams or dreams of a new love. 

It brings confidence through being calm and centered. 

When combined with other prosperity herbs it helps to curb careless spending and promote shrewd investing.

  • Botanical: Jasminum odoratisimum
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Whole
Jasmine Flower
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