Irish Moss

Found along the Atlantic coast of North America and Europe.

This seaweed has a mucilagenous aspect which soothes irritated and inflamed tissues.

Used for chronic lung and respiratory problems, dry coughs, irritated membranes and gastritis.

Considered a nutritive tonic for stomach ulcers and a mild laxitive it is also used for urinary tract infections. 

Recently it is being used to expedite recuperation from TB, pneumonia and other degenerative diseases. 

In Ireland a jelly is made from boiling the plant then allowing it to cool. 

The jelly is then eaten or used as a binder in other herbal preperations and as a thickener in soups.

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Ritual Irish Moss

Prosperity ~ Increase Business

Male Sexuality & Virility

Combines with: Basil

Kept at the entrance to encourage new customers to enter & keeps established clients coming back. 

Kept by the register it attracts money & increases sales.

Consumed for rebuilding & strengthening male sexual centers.

  • Botanical: Chrondus crispus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Choose Form
Irish Moss
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