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Copal Negra Resin Copal Oro Resin
Amber ResinCopal Negra ResinCopal Oro Resin

Honey Amber Resin & Body Scent

 Safe Journey

Deep Meditation


Dragons Blood Resin Frankincense & Myrrh Mixed Resin
Cotton BagDragons Blood ResinFrankincense & Myrrh Mixed Resin

3"x5" Pure Cotton drawstring bags.

Use for making teas, brewing coffee, carrying gem stones & crystals.

Available in Singles, 5 packs & 10 packs

 Astral Projection

Total Cleanse of Energies

Deep Healing Sessions

Spiritual Awareness


Gift Certificate Yerba Santa Bundle
Gift CertificateWhite Sage Loose Leaf BulkYerba Santa Bundle

 Great way to show your appreciation.

 Most commonly used sage for cleansing of negative energy.


Large Bundle

Boswellia Sandalwood Powder
BoswelliaCalling Blend Lavender ScentSandalwood Powder

Increase Circulation

Muscle Tension


 Positive Energy



Cedar & White Sage Blend
Calling BlendCedar & White Sage BlendIncense Amber Cone

 Positive Energy


10 Cones

Incense Dragons Blood ConeIncense FrankincenseIncense Frankincense Myrrh

10 Cone Pack

8 Stick Pack

8 Stick Pack

Incense Himalayan HealingIncense JasmineIncense Midnight Stick

15 Stick Pack

8 Stick Pack

15 gram Pack

Approx 15 Sticks

Hand Made

Incense MyrrhIncense Nag Champa 100gIncense Nag Champa 10g

8 Stick Pack

The Real Champa

100 gram box

Real Nag Champa

10 gram box

Incense Nag Champa 40gIncense Nag Champa ConesIncense Patchouli

Real Nag Champa

40 gram pack

10 Cone Pack

8 Stick Pack

Incense Rose ConesIncense SandalwoodIncense Sandalwood Pure

10 Cone Pack

8 stick pack

8" fat Sticks

High Quality

Hand Made

Incense Sandalwood SatyaIncense Tara DevotionIncense Tara Healing

High Quality

Hand Rolled

30 Stick pack

20 stick pack

Incense Tibetan PeacePalo Santo Large Sticks

30 Stick Pack

Wild Gathered

1 - 35 of 35 items