Horsetail AKA: Shavegrass

AKA: Shavegrass, Bottle Brush, Pewterwort, Rasperella

High in silica.
Silica is a mineral which is necessary for the body to absorb calcium to strengthen bones. 

Taking calcium supplements without silica can actually cause more harm than good. 

Without silica the body can not assimilate and properly use calcium so the calcium tends to build up in areas like joints (causing arthritis) or in the feet (causing bone spurs).

Historically, it has also been used for healing the stomach & kidneys.

It is an excellent herb to encourage growth of hair, fingernails and tooth enamel.  It is an herb that may be used on a regular basis for best results.

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Ritual Horsetail:



Consumed or burned as incense this herb opens the path to higher communication abilities between people, the spirit realm or animals.


Finding your animal totem is important but being able to receive their instructions and understand them is the ultimate goal.

  • Botanical: Equisetum hymale
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Cut & Sifted
Horsetail AKA: Shavegrass
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