Herbs by Symptoms

Here you can learn which herbs are historically used when different conditions arise. 

Each section will contain herbs and/or homeopathics or other items like essential oils that have brought relief to many over many thousand years. 

Something to remember is that we are all unique individuals and although our basic body chemistry is the same each of us are still unique.

In relation to herbs this means that some herbs will work fantastic for one person & have no effect on another.

There is another reason for this and that is that each symptom may have different causes.

An example for this would be itchy, watery eyes.  One cause could be a histamine reaction and another cause could be a chemical or enviromental reaction.

Herbs like Nettles & Eyebright are great anti-histamines but would probably not be real effective if the condition is caused by petro-chemicals used in the manufacture of bed products, building materials or clothing.  Another cause could be molds growing in the walls and that is another can of worms.

Determining the cause is just as important as treating the symptom.

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    As always we recomend consulting a doctor and a qualified herbalist to avoid negative interactions between laboratory created medicines & natural herbs.

    The statements in this section have not been evaluated by the FDA or any government entity and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.

    All information on this web site is intended to be educational.