Dragons Blood Resin

Calamus draco

Burned as incense.

Sage is known to cleanse negative energies from people, places & objects.

Dragons Blood is a Master "ReSet" button for it will remove all energy.

This embodies a Latin phrase: Tabula Rasta meaning Clean Slate.

After burning Dragons Blood it is wise to burn a sweet herb like

Sweet Grass, Lavender, Roses or a Calling Blend to bring positive energy.

Aztecs also used it for Astral Projection & Healing Ceremonies.

Used to intensify any ritual including invoking inner strength, power,

manifesting change, love, protection, self-defense, purification, exorcism, luck,

prosperity and even for binding. 

Also for external hemorrhage, wounds, pain, inflammation. 

Internally for blood stagnation.

  • Size: 1/2oz approx
Dragons Blood Resin
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