Dragons Blood Powder Bulk

Dragons Blood

Calamus draco


Food Grade Medicinal Dragons Blood:

Astringent ~ Hemostatic ~ Vulnerary

Externally to cleanse and heal wounds or to stop bleeding.

Combined with Frankincense and Myrrh to reduce blood stagnation from external injuries that would normally cause bruising.

Suitable for capsulizing.


Ritual Dragons Blood:

Masculine ~ Mars ~ Fire

Magnify Intent ~ Protection ~ Astral Journey

Burned as incense.

Used to intensify any ritual including invoking inner strength, power, manifesting change, love, protection, self-defense, purification, exorcism, luck, prosperity and even for binding.

This is a powerful “clearing” herb and removes all energies from a room.


It is wise to follow up any ritual where it is used as a cleansing or purifying herb with herbs that call in the positive forces.


It has been used for “Magical Ink” to sign and seal ones vow to the Universe.


  • Botanical: Calamus Draco
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted Fair Trade
  • Form: Fine Powder Suitable for Capsules
Dragons Blood Powder Bulk
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