Chickory Root

AKA: Blue Sailor, Coffee Weed, Succory, Cornflower, Bachelor Button, Blowball, Monks Beard, Wild Endive

Inulin ~ Vitamin C ~ Anti-Oxidants

Coffee substitute. 

Added to yogurts as a prebiotic and used in the making of stout beer in Europe. 

Sweeter than sugar it has been used in the food industry as a replacement for refined sugar. 

Old Germans used it as a tonic to treat a variety of disorders including gallstones, gastro-intestinal discomfort and as an appetite stimulant. 

Egyptians and Romans used it for liver & blood cleansing. 

Today it is being used to reduce LDL cholesterol, balance blood sugars and the Inulin content feeds the digestive flora in the intestines.

Like silica found in Horsetail it helps the body to absorb calcium.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.

Ritual Chicory:

Masculine ~ Sun ~ Air ~ Venus

Removing Obstacles ~ New Paths

Blockages caused by emotions, persons or situations can be removed by using this herb.

In days gone by it was employed to un-lock prison doors or to open magic boxes or secret doors into other worlds.

It also rendered one invisible while journeying through new lands.

  • Botanical: Cichorium intybus
  • Grow Method: Organic
  • Form: Roasted
Chickory Root
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