AKA: Cayenne, African Pepper, Bird Pepper, Aji Dulce, Biting Plant


Medicinal Capsicum:

High in Vitamin C. Contains A,B,E~Protiens~Carbohydrates


Historically taken to build immune response at start of a cold, to improve circulation, stimulate the heart, heal ulcers of stomach and colon, strokes, and cauterize external hemorrhaging.

Increases metabolism and encourages the adrenal gland to produce cortisone.

May also be applied externally to stop bleeding and to bring warmth to the extremities. (Use sparingly - ½ to 1 cap emptied into shoe to warm feet).

Combine with other herbs as a catalyst (may assist with nervous conditions when used with lobelia herb).

Often found in liniments for pain and arthritis.

Skin creams containing Capsicum are commercially produced to alleviate pain from shingles, diabetic nerve damage, psoriasis and post surgical pain.


Ritual Capsicum:


Protection ~ Motivation

Carried as an amulet to protect against the sickness of others.

Builds the “inner fire” of passion for what we truly want to accomplish in life.

Removes the blockages or stagnation that keeps us from positive life changes.

Stimulates spiritual & emotional development allowing us to become awake to our highest potential.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.

  • Botanical: Capsicum annuum
  • Grow Method: Organic
  • Form: Powder
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