Calendula Flowers

AKA: Marigold, Summers Bride, Holigold, Maybud, Butter Wort, Cow Bloom, Water Dragon, Bride of the Sun


Medicinal Calendula:


Externally as a salve, poultice or wash.

Promotes healing of wounds and burns and also to slow bleeding.

Used as a nasal wash for sinuses or as a face wash for acne and mild skin conditions including sunburn.

As an eye wash for tired, inflamed and sore eyes.

Kills bacteria and fungus so it is great for athletes foot and ring worm.

Internally for swollen lymph glands, tonsillitis, thrush and stomach disorders such as: indigestion, ulcers, gastritis and colitis.

Promotes bile production for cleansing liver and gallbladder.

Mouthwash after tooth extraction to cleanse and heal.

Has been used as a therapy for breast and uterine cancers.

Often used in salads to add a splash of color or as a substitute for saffron.

Early colonists added it to butter made in the winter, which was pale in color and low in Vitamin C. Calendula brightened the color but also turned the butter into a healing ointment for burns.

Chickens fed on Calendula will produce a darker yoke.


Ritual Calendula:

Sun ~ Fire ~ Dian a~ Mahadevi

Luck ~ Dreaming ~ Love

Revered by Romans, Germans, Buddhists and Aztecs each with their own deity or story concerning Calendulas magical powers.

Planting it around the houses of the betrothed insured a happy marriage with fidelity and much love.

Aztecs saw the circle of life and love and believed the yellow came from the sun.

Wearing it would reveal a thief.

Drink a cup of tea before sleeping and dream lucky dreams where games of chance are concerned.

  • Botanical: Calendula officinalus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
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Calendula Flowers
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