Calamus Root

AKA: Bitter Root, Sweet Flag, Sweet Sedge, Sweet Root, Sweet Cane,

Bee Wort, Sweetsegg, Bitter Pepper Root, Muskrat Food, Rat Root

Visions ~ Hidden Thoughts ~ Courage

Known in Lakota Souix medicine as sinkpe tawote.

It is chewed for sore throats and to help recove from colds & flu.

Symbolizes bravery in Japan and used as a symbol of the Samurai warriors. 

Some cultures use it as part of shamanic journeying as well as an aphrodisiac. 

Used in Native American sweat lodges to assist in bringing visions & understanding. 

Europeans referred to it as a flying witch ointment while the Bible names it the holy anointing oil. 

In India it is called Vac who is a Hindu goddess and means speech. 

The herb is used to bring forth thoughts and feelings that have been buried so that they can be spoken of and dealt with.

Used in America & in Asia for endurance, strength & courage.

Native Americans shamans used it as a journey herb to visit the other world to find cures.

Young men & women would fast and chew the whole root while praying for guidance.

It is also considered to be a protective herb & is often carried in a medicine bag.

Because of it's endurance qualities it has been by long distance runners.

Excellent choice for deep meditation.

Helps to quiet the left side of the brain (logic) & open or enhance the right side (creativity).

Order the whole root if you wish to chew it in a traditional fashion.

Powder works well for smoking blends & as an incense.

The cut version for teas.

This is a bitter herb.


  • Botanical: Acorus calamus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Powder
Calamus Root
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