AKA: Auge Weed, Crosswort, Feverwort, Indian Sage, Thorough Wort, Antimony, White Snake Root, Sweat Plant, Snake Root


Medicinal Boneset:

Coughs, Colds, Fevers

Generally used for fevers that were commonly called Breakbone Fevers because of the deep, intense pain felt in the bones.


A few of these are: Denque, Malaria, Lake and Typhoid.


In 1793 it was used for the treatment of Yellow fever in the Northeast around Philadelphia.


Native Americans used it for body aches, broken bones, indigestion, bladder problems and snakebite.


Stimulates white blood cells that destroy disease causing microorganisms.


Clears mucous from the lungs and gently cleans toxins from the colon.


Used in Germany to treat viral infections and as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis.


Combines well with Ginger and Anise for sore throats and coughs.


It has also been used as a laxative & to increase appetite.


Caution: Do not use during pregnancy


Ritual Boneset:

Feminine, Saturn, Water

Preventing Illness

Combines with Angelica

Carried in a Medicine / MoJo bag.


Used to prevent and cure illness brought on by spells and hexes.


Also used for binding unwanted persons or entities.

  • Botanical: Eupatorium perfolatium
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Cut & Sifted
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