AKA: Boldus Fragrans, Boldo, Boldu boldus Lyons, Boldea fragrans Gay


Medicinal Boldo:

Antiseptic ~ Inflammation ~ Tonic

Contains: Alkaloids, Flavanoids

Used in South America for intestinal parasites, liver disease and gallstones.


Modern research has proven that the Native usages for treatment of liver, kidneys and bladder disorders are correct.


It activates saliva glands and stimulates the liver.


Combines well with Barberry for urinary health functions.


Successfully used to treat genital inflammations like gonorrhea and syphilis as well as gout and arthritis.


Caution: Do not use Boldo while pregnant.

Ritual Boldo


A "Barring" Herb

Commonly laid down across doorways, windows and openings to bar sickness or negative energy. 

May also be used in teas, washes or a ritual bath or sponge bath bath before ceremony or healing. 

Some carry it in a Mojo Bag or Medicine Bag.

Often combined with Agrimony, Barberry & Hyssop



  • Botanical: Peumus boldus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Cut & Sifted
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