Blessed Thistle

AKA: Holy Thistle, Bitter Thistle, Spotted Carduus, Bitter Weed

Historically used as a:
Tonic ~ Stimulant ~ Diaphoretic ~ Emetic

Used For: Fevers ~ Appetite

In large doses Blessed Thistle acts as a strong emetic, producing vomiting with little pain and inconvenience.

Historically it has been used as a purgative for poisons or food poisoning.

Used in Europe for headaches, digestive disorders and as a mental stimulant.

Herbalist have long used it to help with brain function, increase concentration and as a general tonic. 

Many people use it to increase appetite, reduce fevers and as a good gentle cleanser and nutritive for the entire body.

This herb may be used on a regular basis.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.


Ritual Blessed Thistle:


Positive Energy~Spiritual Aid~Protection


Combined with: Yerba Santa, Angelica, Cascara Sagrada, Basil


Burned or simmered on the stove to to call in positive energy or spiritual aid in the home.


Worn in a Medicine / MoJo bag for protection.


Magical wands are blessed with it. Used to invoke the fertility gods.


Helps to comprehend the mysteries.


  • Botanical: Cinicus benedictus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Cut & Sifted
Blessed Thistle
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