Artichoke Leaf

Cynara scolymus

Diruetic ~ AntiOxidant ~ Enzymes ~ Flavanoids


Liver ~ Gall Bladder


Greeks, Romans and European herbalists used it to stimulate bile to cleanse liver & gall bladder.

 A paste was applied to the body to eliminate odors.

 Also used for jaundice, hepatitis, arteriosclerosis and symptoms of diabetes.

 Promotes urination and stimulates appetite.

 Contains cynarin which stimulates bile and lowers LDL chloresterol.

 Lowers blood sugar so it is good for diabetes.

 Helps to prevent gall stones from forming.

 High in antioxidants it reduces the risk of UV related skin diseases, reduces free radicals and helps to keep the skin supple and free of wrinkles.

  • Botanical: Cynara scolymus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Powder
Artichoke Leaf
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