Anise Stars

 AKA: Anneys, Aniseed, Sweet Cumin


 Medicinal Anise:



Good source of Iron & Magnesium

Stomach ~ Spleen ~ Liver ~ Kidneys


Weak tea for indigestion, gas and as a hair wash for lice.

Strong tea mixed with honey for hiccups, coughs, bronchitis and troubled breathing.

Has been used for headaches, asthma, insomnia, nausea, lice and colic.

When used as a dietary supplement on a regular basis it is good for cleaning and maintaining the digestive tract.

Promotes lactation for breast feeding.

Rodents are attracted to anise so it is helpful to scent traps and disguise human odors.

Store it in sealed glass or ceramic containers.


 Ritual Anise:


Protection~Purification~Increase Psychic abilities

Prophetic Visions ~ Nightmares ~ Fertility


Burned as an incense to protect during astral travel, shamanic journeys and deep meditations.

Sachet kept by the pillow to ward off nightmares and to enhance vivid dreaming.

Chewed or carried when going out to find romance or baked into sweet treats when courting to invigorate the senses.

 Combine with Dragons Blood to increase psychic abilities & prophetic visions

or with Calendula for nightmares.

Can also be used for binding harmful persons or entities.

Drives off evil.

  • Botanical: Illicum verum
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Whole
Anise Stars
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